2 thoughts on “SONS OF SOBOBA

  1. Tell us about the choices you made in this design.; color, font, position, etc. By doing so, you bring us to a deeper level of appreciation and expand YOUR brand. What’s next?

    • The design is base on the show Sons Of Anarchy, utilizing the same font that was use for to create their logo, while capturing the looks and feels by using black color on the font, although, there’s also red color. Overall design is captivating the first season of utilizing the American flag on the background with rough, rugged and edgy feel of biker gang image, as portraying the outlaw feel. The Reaper was modify to stay within the boundaries of Casino’s policy with replacement of the “A” for Anarchy to the sun of Soboba Casino’s logo, as well as the rifle to a dollar sickle.

      What’s next?
      Hoping to create another challenging designs.

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